How to find us (see Contact below Directions)

bing-map-14Printable directions (opens in new window/tab)

1. From the airport drive straight ahead to the 2nd traffic light and turn left onto Hana Highway #36 and head east towards Paia.

2. Continue through Paia on the Hana Highway for just over a mile.
• look for the yellow pedestrian crossing sign and a stop sign for the Maui Bus
• the newly opened, trendy deli Kuau Store is on the left-hand side

3. Take the next left beside the store onto Kaimao Street.

4. After 3 houses take the first right, which is Lana Street, with an historic cemetery on the right. FROM HERE DO NOT FOLLOW GOOGLE MAP IT IS NOT ACCURATE!!!! just have the written directions with you and you will find us

5. Take the first right into a long narrow gravel roadway right beside the old cemetery
• it has a low concrete wall on the right side and a large green two storied building on the left
• there are 4 mailboxes at the entrance to the roadway with the numbers 38, 40, 32 & 36
• more importantly look for the first sign for the Menehune Cottage & House right behind the mailboxes
• from here you look down the roadway and you can see the property fence with the Menehune Cottage & House sign displayed

6. Drive straight down this gravel roadway and into the first property #40, with a brown wooden fence, and the Menehune Cottage & House sign

Menehune Cottage 

1. Parking:  Turn immediately to the left into the parking area close to the utility sheds.  Make sure you allow room for other cars to come in and out of the property but also not too close to the shed!  If you have a 2nd vehicle, please look at the parking map in the cottage so that the 2nd car is in the correct parking space for the cottage.
2.  The Menehune Cottage is the pink building on the left side of the garage.  Follow the pavers across the lawn and turn to the left to find the front porch and patio area.  There is an outside light switch beside the front door on the right. 
3. Keys:  The lock box for the key is on the R side of the front door.  Remember the code and please replace that key in the lock box for emergencies and use the other keys left for you inside the cottage.
4 . Information: Inside the cottage you will find a How To book with useful and important information about the cottage and the area.


Menehune House

1. Parking: Turn in to the R and park on the right hand side of the property behind the fence leaving plenty of room for other cars to come and go.  If you have more than one car, please look at the parking map inside the house that indicates the designated parking areas for the house.
2. The Menehune House is the building on the right side of the garage.  Follow the path between the garage and the house towards the patio area and you will reach the steps leading to the front door.  There is an outside light to the R of the door with the lockbox directly below.
3. Keys:  The key will be in a lock box, you will have the details in your arrival letter.  Remember the code and please replace these keys in the lockbox for emergencies and use the other keys left for you inside the house.
4 . Information: Inside the house you will find a How To book with useful and important information about the house and the  area.

For night time arrivals:

Once you have made the turn onto Lana Street look across to your right and you will see the lantern on the top of the fence to help guide you in.
When you turn into your parking space the automatic lights will be illuminated which makes it easy to find you way to either the cottage or the house.

It is always a good idea to carry a small flashlight with you, just in case!!


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